Fresh science with a grain of salt

On this blog you’ll find monthly updates on neuroscience and psychology. Every month I will discuss a different theme, for instance motivation or exploration. All blogs will be based on scientific publications. Most blogs will be about motor learning, which is my field of expertise and I will sometimes write about my own research. I will try to show you what results from basic science could mean in everyday life. With strange metaphors and colorful illustrations I hope to trigger your imagination.

Katinka van der Kooij
About me

My name is Katinka van der Kooij and since 2004 I work as a researcher in the fields of Psychology and Human Movement Sciences. My research interest has wandered from the conscious experience of free will to the details of 3D perception to computational motor learning. Now, my work has settled in a lasting focus on human learning and playfulness. On my website you can find an overview of my scientific work.

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